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If you're contacting Live Support to inquire about locating the new version of the 'No FEAR Act' training, kindly note it will be assigned to your account on Monday, March 21st. This course assignment will not apply to users with USPTO.

To the following CENSUS Groups

NPC Employees

  • NPC employees, including the Hagerstown and Tucson Contact Centers, should contact the NPC Training office for all CLC support via email at NPC.Training.Office@census.gov.

Work-At-Home staff and Field Representatives

You should contact your supervisor or the Automation staff in your Regional Office to address any CLC support or technical issues.
  • Atlanta RO => (404) 730-3927
  • Chicago RO => (630) 288-9240
  • Denver RO => Dial (866) 382-1034, then ext. 23830 | AHS staff: Dial (888) 586-9439
  • Los Angeles RO => (818) 267-1723
  • New York RO => (212) 584-3420
  • Philadelphia RO => Dial (800) 262-4236, then press #6 | AHS staff: Dial (888) 480-1639
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